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Board Portal Software


The Better Way to Manage Board Meetings

The Board Director App + Desktop Software!

Say Goodbye to Printing Board Packets and Emailing Meeting Details.

Our powerful Desktop Board Management Software paired with our Board Portal Mobile App provides the executive team and board members a truly digital process for creating and managing board meetings. Everything is done inside of Board Director.

The new board management app allows the board of directors to:

  • View Board Meeting Information and Materials.
  • Read and Annotate Board Documents.
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Board Portal Software of Choice for Stronger Organizations

Software Designed to Save Management Time and Help Board Members Stay Informed, Engaged, and Better Organized.

Sync Your Calendar within Board Portal

Board Meetings

An easy-to-use scheduling tool for board meetings.

Entity Management Software for NonProfits

Document Storage

Secure, share, and edit all board documents 24/7.

Collaborate with your board of Directors

Better Collaboration

Tools built for purposeful collaboration.

emailing board members from one tool

Team Communication

Keep your board engaged with timely information.

An Easier Way To Schedule Board Meetings

Meeting Dashboard for Board Director's Board Portla for non-profits

Board Portal Software: Scheduling Board Meetings, Committee Meetings, and Special Events

Preparing for the Board Meeting can be strenuous. In 2018, Board Director’s board portal easy-to-use scheduler makes it a little easier. The scheduling tool is designed for management to schedule upcoming Board of Director’s Meetings, Committee Meetings, or special events such as a Board Retreat or fundraiser. Prepare for a meeting in draft mode. Upload past meeting minutes, board meeting agenda, board book. Add reports and other meeting documents.

Directors can RSVP, and sync the board meeting to their Gmail or Office 365 Outlook Calendars. Keep a record of attendance after the event for a digital history of the meeting.

Entity Management and Corporate Governance Platform

Board Documents Organized in a Central Location in the Cloud.

Organizations can finally create a central location and a permanent digital record for their documents.Archived in the cloud. Replace your internal servers. Provide your team with a centralized document management system with 24/7 access to mission-critical documents including Meeting Minutes, Board Books, Agendas, and more. Management no longer needs to retrieve and send private documents via email. Our board management software can help improve governance for a stronger organization in 2018.

Corporate data simplified. Helping you remain compliant with regulatory requirements such as HIPAA, PCI, and more.

Our Board portal software allows Board Directors Share Files for Board Members

Manage Your Complete Board Meeting Roster

board member management in our board portal

Board Member Software: Board of Directors, Management, and Guests Collaborate

You can finally align, collaborate, and work seamlessly together as a fully functioning boardroom. Never again do you need email to manage user profiles. Be in complete control of all users information and access needed for a fully productive board—Board of Directors, CEO, Executive Director, Executive Assistants, Consultants, and more. Provide privacy settings and privileges for each user. You can also keep a history of past Directors, Trustees…a truly digital record of your organization. This will help everyone across your team be more productive, less stressed, and better prepared.

Committees to Power Exceptional Boards

Committees for good governance inside of our Board Portal

Amazing Organizations Using Board Director’s Board Portal Software

“I have to say, I appreciate the work you and your team have put in to make this a good working solution. The customer service I have received from you and Michael have been very good and that goes a long way with me.” ~ Lisa H. Public TV

Download the Board Director Board Portal Brochure

Download our board portal brief. See how Board Director’s Board Portal Software can help streamline all board duties for both management and board members.

Voting Has Arrived

Inside of Board Director’s Board Portal Software, you can create a new vote for a new board member, a policy resolution, or a simple poll, our new voting module allows multiple question types.

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