What if I told you that I could give you 2-year access to Diligent.


You probably would be interested because now you’re going to pay thousands or tens of thousands per year to Diligent, BoardVantage, BoardEffect, Passageways, or any other leading board portal?

Well, unfortunately, I cannot offer Diligent for a only $997. But…what I can do is give you access to a whole new platform called Board Director.

Now, Board Director will be a direct competitor to Diligent, BoardVantage, BoardEffect, Passageways, BoardBookit, and any other management software out there. AND…it will become better than all other platforms. Mark my word.

Right now, you can become a beta tester for Board Director 3.0!!!

During this beta test period, we’ll build the newest and best features. For a very limited time, you can jump in for a only $997 and then 50% off annually. All we ask in return is feedback about the platform so that we can improve it for you and other organizations AND NOT PAY unrealistic pricing!!! And, once we go live, which will not be too long from now because Board Director 2.0 is already built with ALL of your must-haves. Once we go live, the deal goes away but you’re settled for life. Sound like a fair deal?

Now, what does this LIFETIME ONE-PRICE deal mean?

For lifetime access, your organization will be able to create unlimited board and committee meetings, unlimited events, unlimited polls and votes, unlimited committees, and unlimited document storage!!! Practically everything unlimited.

You’ll also get up to 60 users including Board Members, Staff, Management, Consultants, and Vendors such as CPAs, Lawyers, etc… Admins can use our tools to build their meeting agendas, board packets, and members have a full suite of annotations. Replace email, PDF makers, Dropbox, and other software not meant for board work! No need to print, collate, and bind board packets for your 30 board members. Sound like a time saver? You know what a pain it is to get last-minute changes to the packet. With Board Director, making quick updates to a report is a click away.

Right now, you’ll get all of this if you decide to become a backer of the platform and movement. Why did I say movement? We think it is outrageous to pay $30,000 per year for software. Together, we can send a message to the other board portal giants. Want to start a revolution with us?

Now, if you want more information about this deal, there’s a button at the bottom of the page that will take you to a page to learn more and sign up. To learn more about Board Director, you can view our home page and overview page. Starting today, we can manage all of your board management duties. But we’re not satisfied. We want to be the best-in-class at an affordable price. I get so excited just talking about it. Sound exciting?

Actually, this is the only software you’re going to need for your board duties and your member’s governance duties.

And, everyone will enjoy having everything in one location. You’ll love how easy it is to prepare for board meetings and board members will love on-demand board information. It’ll be nice to stop getting emails from members asking for those board policies, right?

You’ll be blown away when you see what have to offer today with our board portal platform and feel proud when we release features you suggested. So, make sure you take advantage of this offer right now. There are only 100 spots available. Click the button below to get lifetime access before we come out of beta and go live and this offer goes away for good.

Meeting Dashboard for Board Director's Board Portla for non-profits
Our Board portal software allows Board Directors Share Files for Board Members


When you visit BoardEffect, BoardVantage, Diligent Board, and Director’s Desk, it is impossible to find pricing on their websites. Why do they cloak the costs of their annual subscription? It is simple. They are expensive. Why? Because they can.

Until now! We’ve built a board portal that is affordable for the majority of nonprofits and small/medium-sized businesses. Now you can use technology like the largest companies and organizations in the world. Our prices are transparent.

See the features listed below that all of the top board management software companies have in their products.

  • Meeting Creation and Communication
  • Agenda and Board Packet Builder
  • Annotations and Signatures
  • Meeting Documents (agenda, minutes, reports, etc…)
  • Board Member Management
  • Guest Management (staff, vendors, consultants, and more)
  • Private Workrooms for Committees
  • Private Folders for Committees
  • Board Document Repository (Policies, Financials, Bylaws and more)
  • Document Management and Permissions
  • Word-Class Security
  • Calendar
  • News
  • Special Events Creation and Communication

Board Director is a Board Portal for Every Sized Organization.

We want our nonprofit organizations and small business to be able to afford a board portal. Each of the above companies offers confidential access to board materials and provides tools that make it easier to prepare for board meetings. The main different….price.

Sign up for a free trial and experience what it is like to communicate with the Board without e-mail.


We’ve checked pricing information on four major portals with 39 users to calculate annual license costs.

Diligent BoardBooksBoard DirectorBoardManagement
$15,400See Our Pricing$900