A (Quick) Board Portal Comparison

When you visit BoardEffect, BoardVantage, Diligent Board, and Director’s Desk, it is impossible to find pricing on their websites. Why do they cloak the costs of their annual subscription? It is simple. They are expensive. Why? Because they can.

Until now! We’ve built a board portal that is affordable for the majority of nonprofits and small/medium-sized businesses. Now you can use technology like the largest companies and organizations in the world. Our prices are transparent.

See the features listed below that all of the top board management software companies have in their products.


  • Meeting Creation and Communication
  • Meeting Documents (agenda, minutes, reports, etc…)
  • Board Member Management
  • Guest Management (staff, vendors, consultants, and more)
  • Private Workrooms for Committees
  • Private Folders for Committees
  • Board Document Repository (Policies, Financials, Bylaws and more)
  • Document Management and Permissions
  • Word-Class Security
  • Calendar
  • News
  • Special Events Creation and Communication
50% Off Board Director


We’ve checked pricing information on four major portals with 39 users to calculate annual license costs.

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